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Kirsty Wales Mobile Massage Therapies

Find out more about Kirsty.
Oncology treatments.
Scarwork Treatments.
Kirsty Wales Mobile Massage Therapies.
Post operative or recovery treatments.
Lymphatic drainage treatments.
Wellness treatments.

Keeping you as fit as a fiddle.
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Find out more about Kirsty.

Oncology treatments.

Scarwork Treatments.

Kirsty Wales Mobile Massage Therapies.
Ring me.
Keeping you as fit as a fiddle.

Post operative or recovery treatments.

Lymphatic drainage treatments.

Wellness treatments.


Kirsty Wales Mobile Massage
Therapies in Your Own Home


I am based on the Moray / Aberdeenshire border near Aberchirder "Foggie or Foggieloan"

Being "mobile", I come to you. At home, work or wherever you are staying.

My usual working area is roughly bounded by the A96, A97 and A98 roads (Click to toggle a map of this area.)
Kirsty Wales Mobile Massage Therapies operating area.

Click here. for a larger, interactive map.

covering towns and villages such as Fochabers, Portgordon, Buckie, Portknockie, Cullen, Sandend, Portsoy, Whitehills, Banff, Cornhill, Fordyce, Foggie (Aberchirder), Keith, Newmill, Huntly and everything between.

But for venues sufficiently outside of this area I can offer Preferential Bookings.

Using my specialist massage therapies I help people to maximise their health during cancer and beyond.

Want to find out more? Navigate through this site using the links at the top or Contact Me and I'll tell you what I can do for you.

Covid Statement

Due to the health and vulnerability of some of the clients I work with, I continue to use PPE where appropriate. It is, of course, your choice if you wish to wear a mask or face covering as well.

If you have any concerns please Contact Me and I will be happy to discuss my Covid Protocols with you.

Thank you and stay safe. 😊




Oncology (Cancer) Massage

Have oncology massage in your own home with Kirsty Wales Mobile Massage Therapies. If you have, or have had cancer, I am here to help you feel better.

First of all, I want to put your mind at rest. It is now clinically proven and accepted that oncology massage does not spread or move cancer around the body.

How can I help you feel better?

By using approved, specific and non-invasive massage therapies I can improve your overall feeling of wellbeing by reducing the negative symptoms of your treatments and medications.

This is achieved by ...reducing fluid build up in the body, increasing your freedom of movement, improving recovery times and healing post-operative scar tissue. One of the greatest benefits of the session is the reduction in stress, anxiety and tension around the body. This allows the body to focus on healing itself by acheiving deeper sleep, better digestion and therefore improved overall recovery and potentially less time in hospital.

Let’s not forget, this is your massage. You are in control of your massage. Each session will be tailored to suit your needs on the day, especially if you are having a bad day. The specialist oncology massage training I have been taught, enables me to make the adaptations required to help you feel better whatever stage of your cancer journey. For example, sometimes you may only want a hand or foot massage, other times you may prefer a neck and shoulders massage. The choice is yours.

I use products from the MooGoo®, Espère Healthcare and Skinade® ranges which are suitable for skin which may be suffering from damage after radiotherapy and surgery.

The certified techniques used during the session are provided in the comfort and privacy of your own home so you don’t have to make awkward, uncomfortable and unnecessary journeys.

No Travel, No Parking, No Stress.

You don’t need permission to have a little ‘me time’.

Contact me to discuss your options.


ScarWork Massage

Improve the sight and feeling of scars with Scarwork Massage from Kirsty Wales Mobile Massage Therapies. Massage and the treatment of scars following operations or accidents has been developed by Sharon Wheeler in the USA. I have embraced Sharon’s methods along with my cancer massage therapies. They can go hand in hand with each other and provide a holistic approach to your recovery. ScarWork Therapy is still relatively new in the UK and I am thrilled to have been be one of the earliest therapists registered in the UK who can deliver these specialist and valuable techniques.

I was so lucky to train with Emma Holly, who is one of a handful of registered tutors in the country who can deliver this course. During my training, I was able to see first-hand the amazing results that can be achieved, sometimes within a single session. ...I worked on a multitude of scars including burns, breast cancer surgery, Caesarean sections, road traffic and sporting injuries; all affecting different parts of the body. No scar seems to be immune to this therapy and the feedback from the clients was overwhelming. Many commented on seeing noticeable visual improvements and also feeling the difference in the tissues during and after the session.

Fortunately for me (but unfortunately for my husband) I was able to put my new-found skills to work at a very early stage. Having suffered not one but two prolapsed discs he had to undergo a double micro-discectomy. This meant I observed his scar and the changes to it as he healed. Once his consultant gave permission, I successfully began using many of those newly acquired techniques on him.

This therapy uses VERY gentle but effective techniques to achieve results in the management and impact of your scar as it continues to heal. Amongst others, the aim of any session will look to release tightness and adhesions. These are caused by layers of tissues sticking together post-surgery and are all part of the natural course of healing. By releasing these we can improve your skin and muscle mobility as well as your overall feeling and movement in and around the wound site. Over-sensitive and painful areas may also benefit from the calming effect of the therapy as we work together with your body to promote your healing, well-being and overall recovery in your tailored healing programme.

The techniques used involve direct contact with your scar and the surrounding skin and tissues. At the end of the session a moisturiser may be applied to assist in re-hydrating and soothing your scar. It is very important to keep your scar hydrated daily whilst it is healing. I recommend MooGoo®, Espère Healthcare and Skinade® products as these have the correct balance to assist healing and promote healthy, strong and supple skin.

There are different categories and sizes of scars. Naturally, results will differ accordingly. The potential for improvement is not just limited to new scars. Old scars are responding just as well to the therapy techniques. The main benefits are often seen as a general flattening, softening and smoothing accompanied by less itching, irritation and general pain in and around the wound.

Your tailored scar healing programme can only begin once you have full permission in the form of a letter from your consultant and they have effectively signed you off from any further treatment for the area. This is usually at 6-8 weeks after your surgery but times will vary. On our initial consultation we will discuss the finer points of your programme and decide the best course of action to take. Your first massage will follow immediately.

Contact me to discuss your options.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage with Kirsty Wales Mobile Massage Therapies.
This sadly, is a common result of some cancer treatments and surgeries where nodes are removed. The reduction in the number of nodes in the body (nodes are the exit points for the lymph to drain through), puts the lymphatic system under pressure to drain the same amount of fluid through less nodes. This is why excess lymph (fluid) accumulates just under the skin, not in the muscles, and causes local swelling in the limbs and around the body.

A gentle touch is used in this specialised technique ... to encourage the drainage and reduce congestion. By moving the lymph to its nearest exit (nodes) and enhancing the natural flow within the lymphatic system, pain relief and range of movement can be improved. Regular treatments help to improve overall health and wellbeing.

This treatment requires skin to skin contact lying face up on the table. Before trying to move the lymph, the nodes must first be emptied. I use a gentle, light press and release technique for this. Next, applying a light pressure to the skin, I use circular motions with my hands and fingers to move and push the excess lymph under the skin along the limb to the nodes. This is not painful and can be quite relaxing. The treatment is applied to the whole body starting at the head and neck, progressing to the arms and then the legs and feet. Deep breathing techniques are used to enhance the treatment. Clients can often see quite an obvious reduction in the size of the swelling / limb after their treatment. Keeping well hydrated is an important part of managing lymphoedema.

Working with your care team, we can design a maintenance programme to keep you mobile, healthy and the negative impact of your lymphoedema under control.

Contact me to book your massage.


Post Operative and
Sports Injury Recovery

Post Operative and Sports Injury Recovery. Advanced Lymphatic Drainage Package
Are you looking to reduce your recovery time and enhance your healing?
I may have the answer.
By using the LymphaTouch in your treatments, we can make a big difference to your recovery in a shorter space of time.
Treatment areas include: pre/post operative swelling, scarring, acute injuries, Lymphoedema, fascial restrictions, recovery treatments, pain management and joint functionality.

Making rehabilitation fast and patient friendly
LymphaTouch® is a medical grade device designed to improve recovery. (As used by the NHS)
The negative pressure (suction) and mechanical high frequency vibration enhances circulation, lymphatic flow, releases soft tissue adhesions and toughened areas of scar tissue.

There are 3 treatments I offer ...

Single Treatment - 1 hour - £65

This is a specialist piece of kit!

Lymphatouch Device A small portable, medical grade device that helps with many of the conditions I see and already support you with on a day-to-day basis.
Using negative pressures (basically gentle suction on the skin) the skin and tissues are lifted allowing greater blood flow and waste removal from the areas treated. Adhesions (stuck down fibres) are lifted and released improving movement and flexibility.
All of these actions aid the function and performance of the area treated as well as improving the overall health and appearance of the skin and tissues.

Post Op / Sport Injury Recovery - 6 hours - £330
6 sessions of LymphaTouch® to improve your recovery and get you back doing what you love.
Saves you £60!

Advanced Lymphatic Drainage Package - 10 hours - £550
This 10-session package saves you £100!
Using LymphaTouch®on a weekly basis to enhance the effects of a manual lymphatic drainage session.
The negative pressure system lifts tissues, encourages capillaries to remain open for longer and increases the amount of fluid that can be removed from the system during and after your treatment.

What should I do next?

Simply get in touch with me to find out more.


Targeted Wellness Massage

Pep up your overall wellness with a massage from Kirsty Wales Mobile Massage Therapies. Would you like to
  • Feel that ache in your tight shoulder muscles go away?
  • Reduce your headaches?
  • Experience a better night’s sleep?
  • Decrease your back pain?
Then my targeted wellness massage is the one for you. During this treatment we can focus on your most troublesome areas.

By combining different techniques... and skills, I can create a calming and therapeutic massage to help:
  • Unwind and release those tight muscles which are you giving you headaches and causing muscle soreness.
  • Improve joint mobility by reducing stiffness in and around the joint.
  • Promote healing in any damaged or sore areas post exercise.
During your treatment, muscles are given time to relax and soften, before progressing deeper into the troublesome underlying tissues.

The potential benefits of this targeted treatment will help you to generally feel less stressed, feel more relaxed and moving more easily - along with the added bonus of a better night’s sleep. Your skin is nourished during your treatment by using appropriate massage products from the MooGoo®, Espère Healthcare and Skinade® product ranges.

Contact me to discuss your options.


Kirsty's Klan
Exclusive Subscription Plan

Welcome to Kirsty's Klan. Your exclusive subscription plan.

Looking to restore your life balance and help your body heal itself?

Enjoy the beneficial effects of therapeutic massage by becoming a subscriber to Kirsty’s Klan.

Build on the instant impact of your single massage treatment with a series of monthly massages over six months or more at a discounted rate.
Plus lots of extra subscription benefits.*

What’s included in my monthly subscription to Kirsty’s Klan? ...
  • A 75 minute treatment, tailored to your needs
  • Priority booking at times to suit you
  • Free nutritional information and rehab leaflets
  • 10% discount on MooGoo®, Espère Healthcare and Skinade® products and extra services
  • Option to gift one of your 6 treatments to another local friend or family member during each 6 months of subscription*
  • Bespoke packages available on request
How much is my subscription?
  • ALL the above benefits included in your £55 monthly subscription plan
  • Payments are made on the 1st of every month. (via 'Stripe'™ invoice.)
  • No joining fee
  • Gift subscriptions available
Why Subscribe?

Together, we’ll work towards a personalised plan for your improved recovery, enhanced pain relief and easing a path to good health - as well as a soothing sense of wellbeing.

You’ll also save £5 on the cost of a single treatment each month, leading to a yearly saving of £60.00.

What should I do next?

Simply get in touch with me to find out more.

*Please see our terms and conditions.
Six-month minimum monthly subscription.

Contact me to subscribe now.



Kirsty Wales Mobile Massage Therapies preferential books

These are massage therapy requests that are sufficiently outside of my normal working area.
They work best for, but are not exclusively for, group bookings. So, a special treatment for just one person will still be catered for.

They would most likely be at special venues, For example -


An anniversary at a luxury hotel.


A small corporate event at a business centre.


A family break at a holiday cottage.


Or anywhere. As long as your venue is suitable, you and/or your friends, family, group, colleagues or team-mates can enjoy some preferential massage therapies.

(Permission from your venue management may be required)

The price (calculated by formula) takes into consideration the extra distance and time that I will incur.
Close parking and a ground floor room, or an adequate lift to your floor is a strict stipulation.
In your room all I require is an area to put up the treatment table and space around for me to work.

See T&C's for full details


Urgent Treatments

Kirsty Wales Mobile Massage Therapies emergency treatments Urgent treatments.
For those situations where you just cannot wait.

I will endeavour to get to you as soon as I can to help you - subject to my own location, situation and availability.

These are outside of my normal stated working hours.

Kirsty Wales Mobile Massage Therapies emergency treatments Press to call me now




Kirsty Wales Mobile Massage Therapies Skincare products. Kirsty Wales Mobile Massage Therapies Skincare products. Kirsty Wales Mobile Massage Therapies Skincare products.


Although massage treatments will sort out those sub-surface niggles, there is still the surface layer to look after, especially those damaged through injury or medical treatments.
So, after your bespoke massage, enhance your wellbeing with specialist skincare products at home . This is why, Kirsty Wales Massage Therapies recommends and uses skincare products from MooGoo®, Espère Healthcare and Skinade®. They are all recognised for their specialist silicone therapy, oncology ranges, as used by the NHS, as well as award winning and clinically proven skincare products.

To purchase or browse some of these excellent wares, please click on the appropriate link below.



About Me

Who I am and what I do.

This is Kirsty Wales Mobile Massage Therapies.

Hello, I am Kirsty, the healing hands and face behind KWMT.

My expertise focusses mainly on Cancer and Lymphoedema related therapies.
I am a qualified oncology massage therapist, ScarWork™ therapist and Breast Cancer ScarWork™ Specialist Therapist. I am also qualified in Manual Lymphatic Drainage.
My love lies in using my specialist massage therapies to help people during cancer and beyond to feel better.
I strive to reduce their recovery times and improve their overall health, whilst, all the time, managing their anxiety and stress levels.

In 2015 I started building my client base and growing the business in West Sussex before re-locating back to Aberdeenshire in December 2021.

Prior to this I was involved in sports and remedial massage alongside my personal training business.

As a child I was fascinated by pictures in a Sunday magazine of Christiaan Barnard performing heart transplant surgery and, having kept the magazine for years, it was from here that my passion in anatomy started.

Sadly, due to our current lifestyles, our bodies simply can’t always operate as effectively and efficiently as we would like. Over the years, this became more and more apparent to me as I spent my working time within the education, fitness and personal training industries. Prompted by a desire to do more, I redoubled my studies to understand how the body moves and works. This has resulted in the enhanced massage therapy knowledge I have today.

I have never stopped learning and developing myself, my qualifications, and my skills. I was fortunate to do my oncology training at the renowned North London School of Massage with Susan Findlay, an expert in the field of oncology massage.

I am proud to be a registered Sharon Wheeler ScarWork therapist and to use the skills it has given me to help people post surgery and after life changing traumas. I was trained by Emma Holly of Restore Therapy who has a wealth of experience in this field and has a practice in London’s famous Harley Street.

These tailored massage therapies are enriched by the use of specialist skincare ranges by MooGoo®, Espère Healthcare and Skinade®, These skincare products can help to ease so many of the symptoms, side effects and general discomfort, caused by cancer, surgery and its associated treatments and medications.

My mission is to help as many people as I can that are receiving cancer treatments, having operations or are recovering from cancer. The surgery, side effects of these treatments and the effects of the medications can be debilitating to say the least. By using my specialist post-operative and rehab massage therapies I believe the best way to achieve this is for it to all be in the comfort of a client’s own home, with no additional travel stress and complications. That is why I chose to be a mobile service that encompasses the upper Morayshire and Aberdeenshire border areas, so I can help people at home. (see where I operate here)

I am delighted to announce that I have also been accepted to work with Clan Cancer Support who are a well-established local charity providing emotional and practical support to people affected by cancer across north-east Scotland, Moray, Orkney and Shetland.
Before moving back to Scotland, I was a very proud and active volunteer at The Olive Tree cancer support centre in Crawley, West Sussex, where I used to attend on a weekly basis. There I saw first hand how this independent cancer support centre gave valuable support, friendship and help to all their members and families. I was incredibly lucky to be part of their team for over 3 years. The centre was awarded The Queens Award for Voluntary Services in 2021 and, as a volunteer who was able to continue supporting members with treatments throughout the pandemic, I was given a personal award as well.

I am a committee member of the Scottish Massage Therapists Organisation and a member of the Complementary Health Professionals.

When I am not working, you might find me out and about in the area, walking my lovely dogs along the beaches or, of course, eating an obligatory ice cream from The Ice Cream Shop in Cullen, or enjoying a scrumptious snack from The Port House Cafe in Portsoy or drinking a warming coffee or hot chocolate from Andrew in the Airstream Caravan "Coffee At The Kings". down on Cullen Beach.

But even a massage therapist needs to be fit and healthy, so you could see me running (a term I use loosely!) around my local area in Deskford as part of my fitness routine.

I have worked with many people from all walks of life and so if you have any queries or questions, whether for you, or a friend, or relative, please contact me and I will do my best to answer and help where I can. I have a passion for helping people feel better and if I can leave a client with less pain or with improved movement, along with a greater sense of wellbeing, it is an amazing reward and one I strive for with every treatment. Every small improvement is a positive step forward to better health and wellbeing.



Where I Cover

I am based near Aberchirder (Foggie or Foggieloan),
on the Moray / Aberdeenshire border.

My usual working area is roughly bounded by the
A96, A97 and A98 roads.

From Huntly to Banff to Buckie to Fochabers to Keith and back to Huntly

But even if you are just outside of these areas, give me a call or drop me a line and I'll see if I can accommodate your requirements.

If you are sufficiently outside this area please consider using my Preferential Bookings.



Contact Me

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kirsty Wales Mobile Massage Therapies. Making Massage Easy For You Kirsty Wales Mobile Massage Therapies. Making Massage Easy For You Kirsty Wales Mobile Massage Therapies. Making Massage Easy For You
Below you will find some often asked questions related to massage.

If your question isn't listed here, drop me a line and I'll do my best to find your answer.

How do I pay?

Payments are made 24 hours prior to your appointment by Stripe, a safe and secure online payment platform (Rather like PayPal). An invoice will be emailed to you with a link to follow to make your payment. Most major credit and debit cards are accepted through Stripe.

I thought massage was just massage. Why are there different therapies?

All massage therapies help to release tension from the muscles and relax the body and calm the mind. Each type of massage will have its own way of targeting the muscles and their problems. For example, aromatherapy utilises natural oils to enhance the senses during the massage, hot stones are applied to the body to increase the warmth of the target area prior to massage. Deep tissue is more appropriate for muscle tension as the therapist works into the deeper tissues of the body rather than superficially. I use a variety of massage techniques to ensure your massage is the best for you.

What do I have to wear?

Comfortable clothing that you can feel relaxed in. It is best to avoid tight fitting or restrictive clothing. Depending on the type of massage you have, it may not be necessary to undress at all.

Can I have someone present with me?

Yes of course by agreement.

I have skin allergies. What oils and lotions do you use?

All conditions and allergies must be disclosed and an appropriate massage medium will be used. If the massage is through clothing, lotion or oil may not be necessary.

I have a skin condition. Can you still treat me?

This will be dependent on the condition itself and gaining your GP’s consent.. Normally, massage will NOT be undertaken for any of the following. Vomiting / Diarrhoea, Fever, DVT, Varicose Veins, Infectious Skin Complaints. Please contact me to discuss. It is the client’s responsibility to disclose such information at the time of booking or prior to the massage.

I have visible injuries that are being treated. Can you still perform massage on me?

It is most likely that the injury site will not be treated but the surrounding areas may be. Please discuss this with me prior to your session.

I'm physically disabled. What can you do for me?

The sessions are designed to relieve stress, anxiety and reduce muscle tension. Sessions are tailored to your needs. My service is mobile within an area approximately bounded by the A96, A97 and A98 triangle, so I come to your home or workplace.

Do I have to provide a massage table or any other equipment for you?

I will bring all the equipment required for your massage, however, we may utilise your own furniture, towels and pillows to ensure you are as comfortable as possible throughout your massage. It is advisable for the room of your choice to be calming, warm and cosy as this benefits the muscles during the massage. A cold room will make the massage less beneficial and relaxing. You are welcome to play your own suitable background music if you wish.

How much room do you need for you and the table?

The table is 1.9m x 0.9m (6'03" x 3'00") so allowing for space around the table, an area of about 3.0m x 2.0m (10'00" x 6'06") will be required.

Are there any side effects?

Depending on the type of massage you have, it is not uncommon to experience a little reddening or tenderness after your session. You will be encouraged to drink plenty of water after your massage and as part of your daily routine for effective hydration. You may feel more tired as part of being relaxed after the massage, so plan your day suitably if you think this will affect you. Potential side effects will be discussed at the end of your massage along with your aftercare advice.

Will this interfere with any other treatments that I am receiving?

No, GPs consent is obtained prior to any massage and I will work with all the agencies involved in your care to ensure clear communication avoiding any negative effects.




What people are saying about Kirsty Wales Mobile Massage Therapies What people are saying about Kirsty Wales Mobile Massage Therapies What people are saying about Kirsty Wales Mobile Massage Therapies


Hi Kirsty, I just want to thank you for the massage you gave me. You put me at ease straight away and I almost fell asleep. I had very tense shoulders due to lifting heavy loads as well as an occasional painful right hip. Though I was slightly stiff for a short time afterwards, the next day I felt freed up and ready to go again. Kindest regards.
I had a massage treatment at the Craigellachie Hotel by Kirsty in June. She was punctual and professional with a good knowledge of the therapy. She concentrated on areas which needed more attention and was able to give me a good summary at the end. I highly recommend Kirsty.
I have been experiencing issues with my legs for over 6 years, extreme tightness and swelling from the knee down, constant pain/aching and then there was the toll it was taking on my mental health. I've had many failed attempts going to GP’s /specialists and have never had any real answers or help. I contacted Kirsty on the advice of a colleague and since then I have had 4 treatments and cant’ believe the difference the lymphatic drainage massages are making! From the moment she arrived she made me feel so comfortable and has a wonderful warm personality, my legs no longer feel like they are at bursting point, I am able to enjoy walks with my young family and don’t have the constant aching. We have slowly increased the use of the LymphaTouch and the results have been amazing, having fortnightly visits from Kirsty has helped keep on top of the pain and ensured I don’t return to the uncomfortable position I was in before, and joining Kirsty’s Klan means it’s also affordable for me too! I'm so thankful to Kirsty for everything she does to help me! If you are considering getting in touch with her then please don’t hesitate, I can guarantee you won't regret it!


Kirsty used some lymphatic drainage massage techniques on me following an operation to my neck. This greatly helped to reduce swelling, and also to help aid the healing of the scar tissue. Kirsty is very gentle, understanding and has the utmost professionalism. Would highly recommend !
I’ve been experiencing bloating and tightness around a scar which is 16months old for a few months now. It caused restrictions in my movement and a considerable amount of discomfort, just one session and the difference is amazing, I can’t tell you how happy and pleasantly shocked I am with the results. I’m walking taller already! The woman does magic.
A year ago, I had an unfortunate accident and suffered from serious burns to my face. My main concern was contraction from the burn tissue around my eye and chin area, which affected my movement and appearance. I sought out Kirsty as she specialised in the massage of burns tissue and scars. Kirsty was both caring and professional: she used gentle massage techniques to release scar tissue, as well as a LymphaTouch machine to gently lift and massage the scars. I can honestly say that my sessions with her over a 6-month period have really helped! The only reason that I have stopped, is because I am returning to Australia in December - I would definitely recommend Kirsty's services!


Kirsty was very professional throughout the booking and treatment process and adhered to all the Covid restrictions in place at all times. Her sports massage relived the pain in my back considerably.
Wonderful attention with detailed preparatory discussion. Kirsty applied the therapy carefully and effectively, solving a very long standing painful shoulder injury. Now, several weeks later, there is no reoccurrence of the pain and I am back exercising again. Kirsty visited us at home, with great preparation, applying very stringent COVID precautions. I'm going to book again for a more general and preventative series of massages.
Kirsty is incredibly professional. She let me know in advance what to expect and adhered to all the guidelines - wearing appropriate PPE and ensuring I was safe at all times. The massage was firm and effective and my shoulder tension eased immediately. Would definitely recommend.

Click on any of the images below to see more testimonals...


Lucinda H
Nick H
Sophie W



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